Nightmare of Gaza

A haunting, abstract and experimental narrative of a woman in the streets of Gaza surrounded by the devastation after the bombs have stopped. She has been helping others, but revelations show it is she who now needs help.

  • The film, Nightmare of Gaza, is poetic and powerful.

    Roger Waters (Musician, Composer, Co-Founder of Pink Floyd )
  • Gaza is unfortunately not a nightmare. Gaza is a horrifying reality. Farah Nabulsi’s short film, Nightmare of Gaza, presents that reality in an artistic way and reminds all of us of the ongoing tragedy. Nobody can remain indifferent to the voices and images in this film. Nobody should remain indifferent to the fate of Gaza.  

    Gideon Levy (Award-Winning Israeli Journalist & Author )
  • In this stunning and compelling film, Farah Nabulsi captures Gaza’s agony but also her soul. Gaza pleads, “Those who did this are so distant from what they did.” Yet, Nabulsi removes any distance between Gaza and those who insist on silencing her, arguing that Gaza will not be abandoned to indifference and indignity or denied her essential humanity. This beautifully rendered film demands that we maintain a living connection with Gaza's people, experiencing with them their suffering and also their promise. In so doing, said Edward Said, we “unearth the forgotten,” allowing us to embrace nearness over detachment and thereby reclaim our own humanity.

    Sara Roy (Jewish-American political economist and scholar. Senior Research Scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. Daughter of Holocaust survivors )
  • It is, finally, the artist, who gives us back our sight, our soul, and so we see and feel what has happened in a place. Thank you, Farah Nabulsi.  

    Alice Walker (Multi-Award-Winning Novelist & Poet (The Color Purple) )